david-erwin-portrait-2014-500x500I have been helping companies communicate and interact with their customers and employees for more than 20 years. Here is a rough outline of my career so far (with bragging). More details here.

1987 – 1992. School
I studied engineering, communications, and art at the University of Texas. I wrote a daily comic strip for the student newspaper, Illustrated the cover of the Austin Chronicle, designed the bus schedules for Austin’s city bus line (Capital Metro), and was published in Eye Magazine and the AIGA Annual.

1992 – 1996. Advertising and Print
I was designer, art director and production artist for billboards, magazine ads, point of sale, and packaging. I helped create a national brand, Lorval wine, that is still in grocery stores across the US.

1997 – 2004. Interactive Design Consultant
In the fast-paced world of consulting I traveled the country taking many roles from designer to creative director to usability tester to information architect. I worked with consumer and B2B brands including Johnson and Johnson, Sara Lee, Masco, Key Bank, and T-Mobile.

2004 – 2007. Application Design
Coremetrics was my first in-house job. I put all my experience together and conducted usability tests, redesigned the experience and interface, built working prototypes, and worked with developers to implement the new design. Gartner changed our usability rating from last to first in the industry.

2008. Entrepreneur
I co-founded Crestview Doors with my wife, Christiane Erwin. I designed products, developed production methods, and was involved in all aspects of marketing. We enjoyed 93% average growth year-over-year for seven years.

2009 – Present. User Experience Architect
At Dell and PayPal I have had the privilege of designing experiences that scale to millions of users, billions of dollars, and hundreds of countries. I am comfortable and experienced with the level of inter dependencies between technology, business model, and regulation that are required to get things done. I look forward to new challenges ahead.


Here are some of my interests outside of user experience.

The house I designed with Christiane has been featured in a couple of publications.
Locale (pdf)  |  Apartment Therapy

Our company, Crestview Doors, was featured on BoingBoing.

I’m on Pinterest and mainly use it to keep my wardrobe focused and intentional.

I post cover songs to YouTube  and SoundCloud.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2008, halfheartedly.

I’m on Facebook and Instagram if you know me.

My Flickr account is kind of an archive of the time I was really into photography (and remodeling).

I have a Google+ page with a few auto-posted things.


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